Direction “Intelligent, ecological and integrated transport”

Direction “Smart, ecological and integrated transport” focused on supporting the competitiveness of the European transport industry and creating a resource-efficient, ecological, safe and integrated European transport system that will work for the benefit of all citizens, economy and society.

The funds toward the budget “Transport” in the amount of 6,339 million euros (2014 – 2020) will be aimed at achieving 4-main priorities:

• Environmentally friendly resource-efficient transport

• Improve mobility, reduce traffic congestion and improve safety

• The global leadership of European transport

• Socio-economic and behavioral research as well as activities aimed at the development of policy for the future

Direction “Smart, ecological and integrated transport” covers the following modes of transport:

• Aircraft

• Road transport

• Railway transport

• Water transport

• Public transport

Funding will be given to research that clearly meet certain European Commission topics that will shrupovani within 3 general competitions:

1. Mobility as a Path to Development

2. Environmental vehicles

3. Small business and fast track to innovation in the field of transport

Find out more about open competitions and download the current version of the Work Programme.